Amazing Grace

I first met Star twenty years ago when he was living on the streets in New York City.  He earned an honest living on Astor Street, selling objects that had been discarded. He was a sober, well-dressed and soft-spoken 28-year-old African-American. “Paul,” he said, “you wouldn’t believe what people throw away.” Everything he was wearing had been thrown out, including his perfectly fitted designer jeans. Continue reading

Sit Down, Enlighten Up

Recently, I began meditating. Actually, I sit and fall asleep. At first, meditation seemed ridiculous. There’s so much to do, so little time. It’s one of the lovely paradoxes of life: when I let everything go, I see I have everything I need. And there’s something about doing nothing that cheers me up- like taking the day off. It’s the same joy I feel when something on my to-do list gets canceled. Yes! I have more free time. Meditation brings me to that place of seeing I have all the time in the world. I don’t need to do anything. And when I meditate, I don’t sit on the floor cross-legged; I prefer a nice, comfy chair. Continue reading