Why Not?

One of the ironies in life is how much we appreciate the miracle of birth and a babies progress.  We are in awe when he walks. When he talks. “He said Mommy!”  Really.  All I heard was Mooo.  “That’s how he says Mommy.”  I wish I could be graded on a curve like that now. 

After the amazement of walking and talking we go to school just two years later and all we hear is “Sit down and Shut up!”  “Sit down?  But look at me walk!  This is my talent. I get applause for this at home. Especially if I don’t crash into the flat screen TV.”

Why do we need permission for whatever it is we want to do?  If we want to dance we have to go to a dance club. God forbid we dance at the bus stop. I say why not?! This way I bet you’ll get your own seat on the bus.

There are only two important questions we ever need to ask.  They are “Why”?  And even more fun, “Why Not?!”

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