Driving Myself Sane

I wanted to get into the left lane, so I put on my blinker. Bad idea. It tipped off the guy a hundred yards behind me. He sped up as if to say, “You’re not getting in my lane, pal, you’re not getting one car length ahead of me and ruining my life.” I wanted to get even, get in front of him and slam on my breaks. I sped up. He sped up. I sped up.  He sped up. I looked at my speedometer. I was going 96 miles an hour. I thought, “Paul, settle down! This is a ford fiesta! What are you doing? How did I get sucked into this guy’s misery?”

Why can’t I slow down? Why am I so quickly upset? What am I running from or to? When I die, no matter how much I’ve done, they’ll be plenty I didn’t accomplish. What’s most important is did I enjoy the ride? I always say that; I always forget it. Someday I’ll be dead, is this really worth getting upset about? Why should I let little things bother me? Some guy’s blocking my lane? Big deal, someday he’ll be dead too. Ha-ha!

My life has been like the movie, Groundhogs Day. Everyday while I am driving someone cuts me off, why do I continue to get upset every time? Why not accept it? Enjoy it. “Oh there you are! Mister in a big fat hurry, I expected you 20 minutes ago. You had me worried.”

How worthwhile is any accomplishment if it is done without joy?  Isn’t the quality of my life more important than all the things I stuff it up with? No need to think in terms of minutes, I want to create as many quality moments each day as I can.

Modern life would have us believe achievement is most important.  Our own sense of wonder and awe at the world we get to live in takes a back seat.I notice the glee my dog takes in the car, his face out the window, his tongue wagging, he’s thinking, “Oh my God! I’m going sixty miles per hour.  I’m not even moving my legs. Wow! Bow wow!”

What I need is my own intention: to be the happiest driver on the road. Carpe diem mañana! Slow down. Seize joy! So  now when I want to get into the left lane —  I put on my right blinker.

It’s the little victories that count!

2 thoughts on “Driving Myself Sane

  1. Melissa Cryder

    I saw you numerous times on the Carnival Spirit, May 29 – June 5 with my boyfriend. We loved your crazy dancing and your gigs. Truly fun. Well, Carnival puts the Fun in FunTimes (or something). Anyway … just wanted to say “hi” and that we really enjoyed your act. My blog is not comedy. It’s about recovering from bulimia, etc. Life is good now … Anyway. Bow Wow … i’m with dogs … i may actually be a dog dressed in a woman’s outfit. 🙂

  2. Joe Finkelstein

    Yea, but if you would have gotten in the left lane and then slammed on your breaks (or as I like to refer to as brakes); that would have felt good. You would have cherished that memory, and it might have become a quality moment. Just a thought.


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