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Sit Down, Enlighten Up

Recently, I began meditating. Actually, I sit and fall asleep. At first, meditation seemed ridiculous. There’s so much to do, so little time. It’s one of the lovely paradoxes of life: when I let everything go, I see I have everything I need. And there’s something about doing nothing that cheers me up- like taking the day off. It’s the same joy I feel when something on my to-do list gets canceled. Yes! I have more free time. Meditation brings me to that place of seeing I have all the time in the world. I don’t need to do anything. And when I meditate, I don’t sit on the floor cross-legged; I prefer a nice, comfy chair. Continue reading

Game Changer

I’m subjected to prejudice daily because of my condition: aging. After jogging yesterday I leaned over to catch my breath, like I’ve done for the last forty years. A car swerved  to the side of the road and a young man  asked if I was okay. “Okay? Am I okay? Best shape of my life, you fetus. I just ran three miles. Get lost. Go to Calcutta and feed the hungry, you no good Samaritan!” I would have yelled some more, but my left arm started to feel numb. Why didn’t he give me credit for jogging? Well, I call it jogging even though today I was passed by a woman with a walker. But let’s be fair– she got extra bounce from the tennis balls. Continue reading