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Sit Down, Enlighten Up

Recently, I began meditating. Actually, I sit and fall asleep. At first, meditation seemed ridiculous. There’s so much to do, so little time. It’s one of the lovely paradoxes of life: when I let everything go, I see I have everything I need. And there’s something about doing nothing that cheers me up- like taking […]

The Family Vacation and Other Oxymorons

It’s the first day of our family vacation. Dad and all seven sons have rented an oceanfront house. I comb the beach with a few of my brothers: Bill, Chris, and John. I’m feeling cool, wearing my favorite shirt from CBGB’s, ready to let go of work and reap the rewards of a life well […]

Game Changer

I’m subjected to prejudice daily because of my condition: aging. After jogging yesterday I leaned over to catch my breath, like I’ve done for the last forty years. A car swerved  to the side of the road and a young man  asked if I was okay. “Okay? Am I okay? Best shape of my life, […]

Driving Myself Sane

I wanted to get into the left lane, so I put on my blinker. Bad idea. It tipped off the guy a hundred yards behind me. He sped up as if to say, “You’re not getting in my lane, pal, you’re not getting one car length ahead of me and ruining my life.” I wanted to […]