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How to Be a Paranoid Optimist!

I have an active imagination with scenarios constantly swinging from horrific to heroic–I call it Paranoid Optimism. It’s the Murphy’s Law of spirituality: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong, but fortunately it’s all for the best. As a kid this thinking helped me fall asleep by assuming that the monster under my bed […]

What I learned from a Homeless Man

The Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons keep arriving. It’s alpha mail and I can’t get enough. I live in a big old house divided into apartments. Our mailboxes are not secure, just tin boxes on the porch. No keys, just old fashioned American trust. So when the coupons arrive I pluck them all.

Last week my neighbor Hank […]

You Never Know!

I whisk pass the long maze ofmiserable people meandering in American Airlines ticketing section and glideup to theFirst class counter ready to get pampered!I have earned this right because ofall the miles I fly entertaining on cruise ships, at casinos, and the occasional Purim celebration.I hand the First Class agent my passport.
She examines it […]