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Father’s Day

Father’s Day

 Here I am in the bed I slept in 40 years ago, in the 3-bedroom duplex
 of the working-class neighborhood Garrett Hill, a blue-collar section
 carved out amidst Philadelphia’s elite Main Line. Surrounded by large
 single houses I was embarrassed growing up that nine of us lived in half a house, 
and embarrassed that […]

Mom, The Cat’s Meow

It’s 2 a.m. and a rat is scampering around in my attic. Last week without really thinking it through I put birdseed in my window box which attracted a cardinal, a hummingbird, and a fat rat. When I spotted him, the enormous rat leaped onto the side of the building and rocketed […]

Doubt Your Doubt

I’m in Warwick Rhode Island performing at a multi-plex movie theatre.  One of the plexes has been converted into a comedy club.  Tonight is  sold out,  240 people!. Our  numbers are better than  “Mall Cop.” the largest grossing  movie  in the nation, but  I’m number one in Rhode Island!  If I could  perform in 24,000 […]