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I’m Tired, Been Jumping to Conclusions All Day.

I promised I would get back to writing. I put it off all day. I am in Maui, palm trees swaying, warm air mingling with the cool breeze. I am soaking up the local color sitting outside a lovely coffee shop they call Starbucks reading a book from a local bookstore they call Borders. Maybe I’ll eat at the Neighborhood bar, Applebees. Ah, Hawaii! I just spent 8 days home in Santa Monica not writing, not working at all; Carpe Diem, Mañana. I’m rattled again deciding between fun and productivity. Continue reading

Check out Paul’s New Book!

cropped-Carpe-Diem-Manana1.jpgWelcome to my world. I’m learning to slowly savor life, no matter how much it sucks. Turning 50 my biggest regret was the lack of freedom and joy I experienced each day. In my pursuit for the future I rarely relaxed or lived spontaneously. I loved writing this book. It’s about expanding my focus to look at what I can do while noticing who I am being. There’s a good reason to live in the moment: if I knew what my future was bringing I wouldn’t like that either. My future will reflect how I am treating myself now. Continue reading

Recovering from Purim

I perform everywhere, last Sunday for a Purim celebration for a few dozen Orthodox octogenarians. I went to shake the hand of the Rabbi’s wife. A faux pas. She laughed. “We don’t shake hands with men.” So I offered a fist pump and she laughed again. It would be the last laugh I would get that night. Judging from their response I think Purim is a celebration of silence. Before the Rabbi brought me up, I thought he was nervous, I went to pacify him only to realize he was Davening. Continue reading