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“Loved it! This book is laugh-out-loud funny at times and at other times incredibly sweet and sensitive. I admire the author’s openness so much. He writes about things everyone thinks about and experiences but doesn’t have the courage to talk publicly about. It’s a charming book that lends itself to being savored in small bits like a rich dessert. You can open it to any page and find something to lift you up and make you laugh. This book is an interesting balance in that it does prompt you to think and helps you gain some insight into your own inner workings, but does it in a way that that is fun and joyful.”

“Paul Lyons is hilarious. This book is so great, and clever, and full of real insights along with hilarious thoughts…I bought several copies and gave to all my self help friends…it’s a hoot.”

“I saw Paul Lyons on a cruise ship & laughed so hard each performance it was difficult to keep from peeing. I wanted a DVD of him but he doesn’t have one. bookbackHowever, this book IS his routine. It’s funnier in person (love the Star Wars music & cute dance he does thorough out his performance to keep us smiling), but this way you get to have his philosophy in print to remember & use. He has some pretty good one liners worth remembering & using in daily life. You won’t regret spending the money on this small, quick, easy to read paperback.”

“This book is a gem. It’s so funny and entertaining, but also spiritually uplifting. It’s the perfect coffee-table book, because you can pick it up and open it anywhere and read a great little story that has a message to it. It’s a wonderful little book and would make a great gift for a lucky recipient.”

“I bought this because I saw this guy do his stand up comedy routine at a club recently and missed the opportunity to buy this book after his show. He is so HILARIOUS, and so is his book! A fun read!”

“I bought the book for the title. I love the book for its incredible heart and humor.”

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