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I whisk pass the long maze ofmiserable people meandering in American Airlines ticketing section and glideup to theFirst class counter ready to get pampered!I have earned this right because ofall the miles I fly entertaining on cruise ships, at casinos, and the occasional Purim celebration.I hand the First Class agent my passport. Continue reading

BrightEdge discovered that shoppers were doing more online buying when compared year over year, 2015 versus 2016. In addition, the company also identified some specific marketing and business strategies to reach and engage those who are in the process of purchasing.


The overall goal was to improve on the existing online experience for customers and reach the right users who are currently shopping online, one of the recommended strategies was to offer a lot more online coupon codes. Customers get motivated to shop when they see a coupon code, specially if it is a macys coupon code.

According to its analysis, customers are shopping more and more online these days. According to NetMarketShare, e-commerce traffic increased by 6.9% in Q4 2017. In the same period of time, e-commerce traffic grew by 26%.

The following charts provide an overview of how the top 5 most visited e-commerce sites have performed year over year.

Sites that saw a great increase in traffic in Q4 2017 (click image to enlarge)

“We saw an increase in online visits from new users (people who have never shopped at Amazon before),” said Alexa D’Silva, President of North America at Amazon. “Our goal was to keep people online and interested, whether they’re looking for a great deal, a unique gift, or to find new content that’s a perfect fit for them.” “In Q3, we launched new deals on Fire TV, and we think this will be a new category of products that we’ll have to keep a close eye on,” added D’Silva. Amazon Fire TV price cut Amazon Prime members can save an average of 30% off regular prices at $99.99/year.